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Get to know you and your business

I will get to know your business and why you do it, then I will develop a comprehensive strategy for finding potential customers and help you find a way to keep your current customer base returning.

Creative juices not flowing? No problem. If you get stuck writing content for your website, we can help there too!

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Keywords: Define/ refine your target audience

Zeroing in on the pain points of your client base is where I tend to find the best keywords. What are your client needs? Are they getting what they want? Having this consumer intel helps us craft the best strategy to overcome your competitors reach to your local customers.


Has the COVID Pandemic affected your business?

For established websites, a quick look at pre and post COVID  website statistics can reveal where new opportunities may exist. Can we make your brick and mortar products available online?

Maybe we can schedule your services online instead of coming in or calling to make an appointment? Ideas are everywhere!

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Every business has different web needs

Not all businesses need a full blown website with a blog and eCommerce system. In the same vein, not all businesses need a Facebook or Twitter, but there are places where your customers are looking for you, and that is where we will optimize and increase your reach.

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Competitor Research : SEO NEXT LEVEL Stuff

After Go Click performs the golden basics: Defining target audience, refining keyword research, finding new opportunities or maybe discovering a few new COVID gaps, then we define your competitors.

What keywords are your competitors using to find your clients? How can you benefit from using those keywords, or find new similar keywords? Have your heard of long tail keywords? Local keywords? Let’s talk!

Go Click Media will go beyond what my competitors do.  Without getting too technical in our blurb here, many SEO agencies only review web page content structure for schema (code), links, or tags (more code) that search engines use to rank websites. Google alone, assesses over 200 elements on your website when it comes to ranking its placement in the search engines. And that is just one page of your website.

Looking at the big picture,  I look at what your competitor features, what kind of apps or tools they offer, as well as their social rankings. Comparing product offerings now is more important than ever now in our new normal.